COVID-19: Staying Healthy With HIV

Hi All! My final blog in the series is dedicated to people living with HIV.

So, BHIVA- the British HIV Association has stated that they are not expecting people stable on treatment with an undetectable viral to be at any additional risk to COVID-19. Given that majority of people with HIV in the UK fall into this category it is great news for people living with HIV and health services in general.

The question that hasn’t been answered (as yet) is, if you do get COVID-19, will your outcomes be the same as any normal person? This is a worthy question as we know that people living with HIV are generally at a higher risk of developing chronic diseases than the general population even with treatment. We also know that people living with HIV are at higher risks of seasonal flu related complications. That is why we strongly encourage vaccination.

So, what is the solution? The solution is to go back to basics and use the best and widely available cure, which is PREVENTION! Preventing the disease in the first place is the best antidote. There are a number of preventative actions you can take which together will maximise COVID-19 risk reduction for you. Here’s my Top 5!

COVID-19 Preventative actions!

  1. Basic Hygiene: The most established of them all. Regular hand washing, use of hand sanitisers, immediate use and disposal of tissues when you sneeze or cough are key ones

  1. Regular Exercise: Essential for your physical and mental well-being, it can also help boost your immunity. Do your best to keep a good exercise routine during this time period

  1. Stop Smoking! Smoking when living with HIV dramatically increases your risk of a heart attack and respiratory diseases. Emerging data also indicates smokers are at higher risk of death from COVID-19

  1. Supplements: Although these can never replace a balanced diet, there are occasions when taking a good supplement can make a huge difference to your health and well-being. Be sure to seek a pharmacist’s advise before purchasing to minimise drug interactions

  2.  Vaccinations: Last, but definitely not the least! Despite the controversies around COVID- 19 vaccines, the impact it has had in reducing severity and death in those at high risk e.g. overweight, obese, or with an existing long term condition- like HIV is undeniable.

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PS: Share this information widely amongst your network as having and acting on the right information is vital in conquering the corona virus and preventing COVID-19.